Android N Dev Preview 2 overview – What’s new?

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Just a few weeks after the first preview landed, the 2nd dev preview of Android N has landed. So that you get the first time user experience, I flashed my device and set it up as new. Here’s what’s new.

Dev Preview 1 overview –
Dev Preview 1 hidden features –

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15 Comments on Android N Dev Preview 2 overview – What’s new?

  1. …hey Cam…how hard is it to port All your IPhone info,Pics,Phone logs,Apps, to Android N……Or can you even do it…???…or can the store do it for you when you upgrade…???…Neophyte…;–),,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. The Clear All apps button is long time coming. But why do we need to go to the last opened app and not set in a static or fixed location is God knows what Google was thinking. Still a welcome edition. Also, still no sign of a Reboot or Restart option when long pressing the power button.

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