Android N Dev Preview 2: Everything New!

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Google has released the 2nd developer preview for the Android N build on Nexus devices. Here is everything new and the changes.
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Android N Dev Preview 1:
Android N Split Screen:
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27 Comments on Android N Dev Preview 2: Everything New!

  1. first 2-3 features you told are same as old JB I'm using 4.3 with Google launcher n there is not a single difference in yours and mine as well. except spilt screen nothing new. even ogyoutube runs in Splitscreen on all kind of device. I liked your video though I didn't find anything exciting in Android N.

  2. Cool , I am gonna make my next cm theme look like this ….. if any one want it , you can find it on my channel in few days….
    you can subscribe & wait , enjoy my other hacks ;)

  3. Hi. I would like to know if this version is stable enough to use it as a daily driver without problems. And one more question… Do you think that we will be allowed to OTA update the device from Developer previews when the final stable release comes out? Thanks a lot! :)

  4. I really hope they don't finalize that weird looking version of folders. it somehow reminds me of Spiderman's webbings. I like the present version of folders, they were stacked at a slight angle for a long time, now they are just stacked behind each other.

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