Android N Beta Overview: 6 Features in 60 Seconds

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You might’ve seen our Android expert Joe Levi tackle some of the minutia of what’s going on in the latest beta edition of the OS. You’ve surely seen a fair share of news, screenshots and commentary. You might be tempted to even hit up that Google link and enroll in the Android Beta Program yourself. But if you want to get down and dirty and see things in living color, buckle up: we’ve got six points to go through in 60 seconds — well, minus the intro and outro, but who’s actually counting — in our Android N Beta overview.

Keep in mind that the feature set we have on the Android N Beta on our Nexus 9 is different to what the phones get — those being the Nexus 6, the Nexus 5X, the Nexus 6P and the General Mobile 4G (an Android One phone). We don’t have the nifty Emergency Info page that the phones do, nor the kernel-based call-blocking features.

Still, we cover the lack of a name and an old Easter egg, a reformed settings menu, a flatter, more versatile notification shade, a…

30 Comments on Android N Beta Overview: 6 Features in 60 Seconds

  1. That's not what they mean by responding to Hangout chats in-line. What you showed has always been a thing since Android L. In this one you can respond to people from the notifications menu and it actually lets you type it within the notification segment, not just the push notification (which the app has its own overlay UI instead of being developed into the system).

  2. What do you think if a new feature can be added to Android N for navigating in apps or through multi tasking tray (Horizontally) by sliding the finger over soft keys area from left to right or vice versa.
    For example, when we click on multi window button(Square shape) all the apps appear, so rather moving with finger we can slide over the soft keys area to go through the list. May be if not this feature can be used for navigating web pages, dial log, messages etc….What do you say ………….thanks

  3. Basically lollipop 5.3, not many features that make it worth another version. At least make these updates available to everyone cause marshmallow is still in less than 3% of android phones…

  4. hope the HTC One m9 gets Android N only a hand full of phones got the Android M update Samsung didn't even get it maybe time to start dual wielding phone have a apple device for garunteed software updates and Android for my freedom and customization

  5. No the end goal is not the same.

    Chrome is about compressing the webpages to use less data / load faster etc.

    This is about not permitting apps to use mobile data in the background. This isn't even new to android at all. Just the the implementation is different. Prior to N you could go into a apps settings one by one and restrict backround data. In N it's a system wide toggle that you can white list apps into.

    Keep telling yourself it's just like what chrome does. Or oh it accomplishes the same thing or however you want to try and word it. You're wrong.

    This is like a backround app mobile data firewall.. Toggle on and they can't transmit data. Use in foreground they can operate normally.

    It's like chrome they say. Smh. Do your jobs and stop spreading FUD

  6. Google is running out of ideas for their OS just they are running out of names for it. They should release a new versions every two years and refined their current ones annually because windows 10 is growing fast and probably one day will catch up to them and with their "edge browser" that can pin web sites to the start screen that app gap might be closing.. Focus google your the king of mobile os for crying out loud pls

  7. Finally split screen mode for stock Google! I only considered the g4 and gs6 last year because of their dual window functionality, and was really bummed to hear LG stripped the G5 of it

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