Android N beta hands on – week one impressions

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For those of you rocking a compatible phone or tablet, you can experience some of the treats Google’s next software offering will bring when it officially launches later this year.

Android N development has now hit beta stage, and while it may not be the fully finished product there are loads of great new features already packed inside for you to start enjoying.

John McCann takes you through the features and how well he feels they work so far.

20 Comments on Android N beta hands on – week one impressions

  1. Also had it for a week. I find the new additions to be nice but somewhat forgettable. It does make my device a little faster which I appreciate, but the battery is noticeable worse. Hope future builds fix this.

  2. 我的nexus5被google抛弃了!android n已经第三版了,还是不支持!很是失望呀!看了更新的内容,毫无新意,不收紧权限,被app滥用系统权限,所谓的流畅就是放屁,胡扯!google又在欺骗消费者!我的另一部iphone5s升级到最新版,还是不卡!nexus5升级到最新版,每天都要清理N次内存,卡顿到死机,多次重启!这就死android系统的现实!

  3. For Multiscreen, it's possible to choose apps from a row. Put the app in Multiscreen, the. tap the background of the recent menu to go to home screen. Then choose an app, and it will out it in Multiscreen with the other app you already put in Multiscreen.

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