Android N – Basically just Touchwiz

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How ironic Stock Android continues to ape more and more Touchwiz features.
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29 Comments on Android N – Basically just Touchwiz

  1. Are you kidding? Many of these were originally in Custom ROMs, not Touchwiz. And the 'Flipboard' like news feed? That's Google now, it came with KitKat. At least try to hide your bias when you make a video.

  2. Except google got to this point by slowly adding well crafted features, wheres Samsung just throws a bunch of shit, duct taped together, and see what sticks. At least they finally have something they can call an established ecosystem. I predict that in two years touchwiz will actually be ok.

  3. it funny how people keep on criticizing touchwiz and here is android copying some functionality from their skin. I actually prefer touchwiz to stock android its even faster on the s7 edge than stock androud M from nexus 6p

  4. disliked this video bases on the title and even by you admit it yourself you claim google copying touchwiz? Dude! You gotta be kidding me! Google had already made plans to work closely with Samsung this year! Dont believe me, look it! Google isnt copying. Might have bought into the system. But not copied! Some of you all I cant stand to see these type of videos go down. Android N much faster than TouchWiz. Wanna know why? No OEMs or Bloatware! Software updates on time and no damn 1 year later! Go ask Samsung why it took them 6 months to drop Marshmallow! Now Android N is out! Regardless of how you all feel. Software matters as much as the hardware. You want everything to be up to date? Buy a Nexus 6, 5X, or 6P.

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