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– The T-Mobile Galaxy S7, delivered
– Samsung gets Lil Wayne, William H. Macy and more to endorse Galaxy S7, diss rivals in new ad
– Microsoft opens HoloLens developer pre-orders as new hardware details arrive
– Google Store picks up new category just for VR hardware
– Google sparks panic over vanishing app drawer – is this our Android N future?

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Samsung Galaxy S7 units that have already been delivered to T-Mobile customers. Samsung is next as we watch some of the ads that the company is using to promote its new Galaxy S7 Edge. Then we talk about the Microsoft HoloLens and its price tag for developers. Google follows as the company’s store…

33 Comments on Android N app tray silent tease, Galaxy S7 ship bugs & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. I own an Iphone now and the reason I want to get rid of it and go back to Android is because I hate the not customization and lack of app drawer. It means something to me because I like to customize my UI and not have folders all over the screen. App Drawer has always been a great solution for this.

  2. Why would I want an android phone If I want 500000000 home screens. I want my home screen clean as my toilet seat. 'Maybe not'. One of the main deal of android is an app draw. Come on Google please don't kill it

  3. Are they removing the app drawer completely, or just the a shortcut on the homescreen? If it's just the shortcut then I don't care much, but I'd hate to be in an Apple type situation where all my apps are on the homescreen.

  4. iOS not having a cluttered app tray and having it all clean on the home screen is the reason I use iOS over Android. I'm very excited Android is finally ready to move on!

  5. google please dont remove the app tray that's one of the main things that makes android well android IOS has always been know to not have a app tray and most android users dont like that , stay different isn't that what makes android

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