Android N App Switcher

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  1. i really think there is better way to handle "landscape" app screenshot than the one used in android N wich look really stupid..for example, they can put it rotated to landscape, zoom it and do a fade-in transition from to appswitcher to the actual app(so it doenst look like the screen is actually rotating.,.)

  2. I'm really excited about the dual window. I use to by Samsung phones specifically for that. Also it has a learning curve to it, how would a regular consumer know how to get to it?

  3. Love the features especially multitasking and the notifications. I don't know if I can go back to 6.0. I just hope Google redesigns widgets though because it would be nice to have a hangouts widgets and use it without opening the app.

  4. I hope in the final build they allow you to shrink the screen and make it into a bubble. Similar or just like they do on the Note. Split screen is cool, but sometimes you still need the majority of the priority app and quick access to the other.

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