Android N and Coffee with Googler Ian Lake

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Android N is in preview, so learn all about what’s new and exciting for users and developers over coffee with Developer Advocate Ian Lake.

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12 Comments on Android N and Coffee with Googler Ian Lake

  1. This doze changes starts smelling on iOS. Please start thinking about doze exceptions (like iOS VOIP socket) where mainly in VOIP world, custom push implementation is still required because GCM is very unreliable or not even possible in self hosted environments. And please start behaving more globally, there are more countries on this planet than just US. We still can't sell apps in some countries (even in EU), where iOS is possible from beginning… not talking about Google store. This is really sad.

  2. I don't know why the Android team relegated Doze to only stationary mode in Marshmallow. That decision always seemed like such a mistake to me. I guess they realized that for themselves in this version, finally. Did it just not occur to them in their dogfooding sessions? How was this missed?

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