Android Lollipop User Profile Tips and Tricks

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Hello and welcome back to the complete guide to using you Android Lollipop Nexus 6. Today it’s user profile tips and tricks.

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To view profile information you can swipe down once from the lockscreen and the image in the top right of the settings area is you current profile. If you have unlocked your screen you can swipe down with two fingers to display the same profile. Simply tap on it to show all you current profiles and settings.

To instantly switch profile tap on a user and the handset will automatically switch to that user. If you have security set up on that user it will automatically lock the device.

If you want to change the user profile picture then bring up the profiles screen and then press on more settings. Then for the current user you can press on the image to either change the profile picture or change the name. You can…

9 Comments on Android Lollipop User Profile Tips and Tricks

  1. how can I edit my owner info?
    In my 1+1 ther is no option to edit it. in the video @0.51sec u touched the owner info it taken u to the edit menu,,,,
    for me its cuming "THE CONTACT DOESNT EXIT"
    wat can i do for tat?

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