Android App Development for Beginners – 6 – Android Studio Tips

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33 Comments on Android App Development for Beginners – 6 – Android Studio Tips

  1. I love what you are doing. Thanks a lot. But when I try doing this, insead of hello world being printed, all I am getting is a message saying android…CoordinatorLayout in the middle of the screen. I am also getting an error saying Rendering problems the correct theme chosen? Someone please help!!!

  2. Hey Bucky! Thanks for these! Sometimes, some of your tutorials suck because you advance too fast and never explain the useful details. But OFTENTIMES, you reall do a pretty good job! You're one of the best teachers out there. I Love You! (No Homo)

  3. Hey Bucky,
    Last semester I studied your perfect Java videos and improved my Java knowledge. Since I couldn't find good Android Studio tutorials, until now I was so hopeless. I can not express how much i am happy to see your lessons again. I hope that your videos will help me again 🙂 If you do an example about calendar, I will be so happy!

  4. Nice. Awesome i was hoping you had a donation page. You realy REALY deserve it!! I have learnt almost everything when it comes to programming from you. Thank You.

  5. The default IntelliJ theme font is extremely blurry.  The Windows theme font looks great on Windows.  I don't know what you mean by "ugly, stupid-looking font" – it's crisp and readable on my screen (unlike the IntelliJ font).

  6. nice tutorial but i dont know why so many guys always go with the dark theme … i myself am always going with a light one (i dont know why but with a dark one i dont feel "at home" ) 

  7. Well, you can download shortcut app to show the actual shortcut you used on the screen, so we can see what did you use to do that and that (-: but its on you.

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