An honest LG G5 review…

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LG G5 review – Should you buy or upgrade? The LG G5 is a top 2016 smartphone, but is it really that special? In this LG G5 Review video, we’ll take a look at specs, camera, and more. How does the LG G5 compare vs Galaxy S7 and HTC 10? ▶Get a dbrand skin:

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24 Comments on An honest LG G5 review…

  1. Let's just wait until Apple and Samsung start actually doing something new with their phones. When they start copying LG's modular ideas they will be praised for the best phones ever. Sorry LG, they are "better"

  2. Compared to G5, Samsung devices lacks FM radio, IR blaster, QC3.0, reversible USB Type-c port, removable battery, slimport/MHL in addition to wide angle camera.. you have to mention these things since some people want features over the look.

  3. actually this is really nice phone, i am use to lg ui and maybe not the best looking but it is smooth and responsive and fast. battery life is pretty good, and i like the design but i wish they did not add that paint. and camera is excellent, screen is really nice and having a modular phone is cool i think something different.

  4. In my opinion LG did a good job of making the G5 unique from other smartphones out there. I think it really depends on who and how they will use the smartphone. The so called "friends" i think is a great idea having a dedicated camera buttons for shooting photos and additional battery for it? How can you say that's bad? just saying.

  5. i got the lg g5 on the release date, I'm not disappointed in any way, i totaly disagree with this video, i like the look of they phone it is defenitly strange but also unique, there is no phone that looks similar. also the freinds aspect has way more potential than lg is leading on i hope they just go crazy make cooler and more functional freinds to pair with this sleek device. i think people are just being unnecessarily hard on the device. before judging you should try yourself.
    p.s. this phone has amazing battery life for a 2800mah battery i get over 5 and a half hours of on screen time.

  6. I think we share the same feeling about this phone. I agree that the build quality is great but the overall looks of it doesn't scream "BUY ME!". Plus I've never fan of LGs UI. So yeah, SORRY but NOT SORRY!

  7. So recommend a few android smartphones that have great battery life, features, fast, upgraded with 16g memory and great ram that don't cost 500-1000. I like the features of the new smartphones yet it's ridiculous that a smartphone is going to cost 1,000 pretty soon. I am not looking for bells and whistles. Yet I want it fast, reliable, able to do games, watch movies, great battery life, after all this isn't my laptop.

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