Amazon to Invest an Additional $3 Billion in India

Amazon to Invest an Additional $3 Billion in India

In a conference in Washington on Tuesday where Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present and met with the American Prime Minister Barak Obama earlier, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos said “I am pleased to announce today that Amazon will invest an additional $3 billion on top of the $2 billion investment we announced in 2014 to bring our total committed investment in India to over $5 billion,”  according to Reuters.

Jeff also added saying that “I can assure you it’s only the beginning and as we say in Amazon, it’s only day one.” It clearly means that Amazon is planning to extend its business market in India.


Jeff also indicated a hope for India that his company would open a Web Services Cloud Region in India this year and the nation would soon get to be home to the company’s biggest programming building and advancement focus outside of the United States, his plan to set up in Hyderabad where it would make employments and professional development open doors for a great many individuals and a “significant” number of occupations would be made after some time in light of the organization of Amazon Cloud Services.

However, if it happens then it may help start-ups in India and quicken the nation’s part as a center point for development and advanced enterprise.


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