Am I Hacked? What can I do?

Am I Hacked? What can I do?

Not only have LinkedIn passwords suddenly appeared in the dark recesses of the Internet, in recent months, login details of MySpace, Twitter, Tumblr and Badoo and European app Vkontakte have also been leaked. The passwords of hundreds of millions of users are on the streets now.

For many ordinary users, it is all too clear that their password may no longer be safe. The chance that your data is leaked is high. But even if this is not so, it may be that you are at risk. If a leak is not yet known, it does not mean there is no chance of one to occur. Therefore, it is anyway advisable for you to modify your passwords.

Hackers and criminals have long known that people choose simple passwords. Many hacks are therefore simply the result of special computer programs that automatically try those passwords, using numbers, letters, special characters and capital letters. For safer passwords, at least 12 characters is recommended.

A big problem with passwords leaks is that users often choose the same password in all of their social media and email accounts. Always try to use a different password in each. There are programs like LastPass or 1Password that can help to manage this.

  • Change your passwords regularly

The accounts that were hacked in 2016 due to a leak in 2012 make it clearer – change your passwords at least once a year.

Many websites are working on a way to log into two steps. A password alone is no longer enough for a secure email or social media account. Some social media’s including Google lets users choose whether to get a text message or other messages containing a special code after entering the password.


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