Always On – Unboxing the Sony Xperia Z smartphone

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Molly Wood and Jeff Cannata reveal the thin and lightweight Android phone that has impressive features, including a pretty awesome camera.

19 Comments on Always On – Unboxing the Sony Xperia Z smartphone

  1. you mean x8? well that phone was cheapest xperia, it wasnt build for speed 😀 and i had that phone for about 6 months and it was fine so maby you just got some shitty one 😀

  2. seriously the earlier xperias just sucked plain out haha 😛 remember I had xperia 8, one of the first, and seriously that thing was so horrible, it was pretty slow to start with and got to about half speed in a month, I mean stuff like texting and calling was freakin slow on that thing! Could take a minute to send a damn message, wich my current 10 year old samsung does better haha 😉

  3. goodness I went to read the comments for some feedback on the phone but everyone was talking about friggin euro and pound.
    oh Molly all that work went down the toilet cuz of a slip of a tongue 🙁

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