All New HTC One (M8) Water Test – Water Resistant?

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All New HTC One (M8) Water Test – Water Resistant?

The All All New HTC One (M8) Water Test is meant to display what would happen if you dropped your phone in water. Typically the phones died at the 5 minute mark, but something much more interesting occurs here. Does the phone turn into a Samsung Galaxy S5? Lets dig in!

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46 Comments on All New HTC One (M8) Water Test – Water Resistant?

  1. whats the screen say at 1:36, anyone know?, i don't trust this video, what kind of video camera "overheats" in like an hour of video?, and also the phone moves around under the water every time he turns the camera off, to switch out SD cards, which he did like 10 times, at 1:21. a msg came up on the screen, i can't read it though, also what kind of SD card can only record data for 20 mins at a time? i mean other then a 2.gig card,

    none of this video makes me want to believe it at all, it's actually making me think it's horse crap.

    well i mean it doesnt matter since the video is old as hell anyways, it's just weird he didnt bother to take this down

  2. i dont really see how turning off your camera makes the phone underwater move around??, that makes no sense, obviously, i would assume the camera filming the phone would change position on the sink top, which it did but not the actual phone, you would have to reach through the water and physically move the phone…why would you do that ?

    i smell a rat.

  3. dropped mine in the washing up bowl, obviously was boiling hot so it stayed in for a bout 20 seconds as I burnt my hand a phew times, display didn't turn off and worked fine once I dried the screen, still working to this day!

  4. I went swimming today with my HTC one M8. Literally. It fell out of my fucking pocket in the pool and that's when I realised I had it on me. Reading that the battery will have to be replaced if the board isn't dead. :(

  5. guys help me out!!!! this is off topic but can you tell me what phone i have found it has no battery and a decent size screen the back comes off and the back of the phone with the cover off is red

  6. LOL what an a-hole, you can see the bubbles coming out of the headphone jack throughout the video, the phone would have practically soaked up the entire sink full of water if this video was real.

    Read a comment on another site from a mom whose kid saw the video and tried this, killed his phone right away. Congratulations TechSmartt you got at least one poor kid to ruin his phone, you rock.

  7. I accidentally laundried my phone for about 20 minutes, called it while it was in there and it still lit up. When I took it out it was still working for a bit but then the screen gave out on me and I couldn't see anything but it was still working. I put it in rice for about four days and left it for dead. (My alarms were still going off and I had no way of turning it off except for turning each one off daily.) After the four days I plugged it back in and now it works just fine. Even the screen is doing good, any water left in the screen that I can visibly see was gone after a couple days. So… maybe you guys were too quick to go get your phone fixed. My HTC m8 is pretty awesome. ?

  8. It's true. I have seen this video before buying HTC One mini. I can proudly say, my phone is awesome. It was dropped in liquid (juice+sugar+alcohol mixer) last year, and It was working nicely… And just half an hour ago, it was in detergent power liquid for 20-30 min; and it works like nothing happened. Well, just for safety I switched it off and put to get dry.
    From the first drop, I only had problem of pink shade in camera 4-5 months later, and phone gets switched off anytime when battery goes below 40%. (I haven't repaired it as it was out of warranty, but I would like to show it to experts now after second drop)

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