Alcatel OneTouch idol 3 Review After 2 Weeks Of Usage

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Here is my review of the Alcatel OneTouch idol 3 after 2 weeks of usage. I hope you guys like the video.
UPDATE: This now officially is on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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39 Comments on Alcatel OneTouch idol 3 Review After 2 Weeks Of Usage

  1. Mine died after less than a year of having it, like you said because the back is non-removable you can't check the battery at all so for me, mine began to have issues charging and eventually would not charge at all.

  2. I have alcatel idol 3 5,5. almost 10 months. I tested battery, set screen on 20% that is enough, use normally and every time lasts 36h. Dropped me many times from a height of a meter, the screen does not have any scratch.

  3. I have had it for about 5 months i loved it , but i do not recommend it. Why? the build quality is really really poor, its full plastic and the glass broke from the first very minor drop it took. i think this is because the glass is on top of the plastic and not inbeded in it. This would be no problem if alcatel has a descent customer support BUT THEY DO NOT, and i myself have not been able to find any retailer or fixer that can buy the screen for me or fix it for under 150 (about 75 procent of the phones cost). If you are to buy this phone after reading this, BUY A CASE.

  4. One fatal flaw to this review-otherwise great- you dont specify in the title which version this is, the large 5"5 or the small 4"7 because the dif isnt just in the size, the specs arent the same!!!

  5. Cricket has it for $150 now. Can't go wrong
    I would have to say that the battery being internal and unable to be replaced is a huge disadvantage but it still beats other budget smartphones out there

  6. This is a real good review. I am really interested in getting this phone. Is your phone still working good for you ? Is this phone a 4G LTE phone ? Will this phone work with metropcs ? Is this phone good for downloading music and as well listening to music via bluetooth or with using an auxiliary cord ?

  7. some have had problems after having for a certain amount of time. have you noticed anything really horrible yet? like music apps stuttering and phone calls not being picked up or heard?

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