Airbus A330 – Heathrow to Toulouse (X-Plane 10) [EGLL-LFBO]

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Flying the JARDesign Airbus A330 out of Runway 27R at Heathrow (EGLL) to the Airbus Factory airport at Toulouse (LFBO).

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34 Comments on Airbus A330 – Heathrow to Toulouse (X-Plane 10) [EGLL-LFBO]

  1. Guys, don't wonder about the open cargo at landing, it's a new procedure only for tourist flights from SE-Asia: They spread the cargo on to the runway, so all the copy products get destroid.

  2. Hi ! Your video is Great! I have a Question for you…. Im a student of commercial pilot, and Im using FSX: Steam Edition right now to studying Appx in A320(aerosoft). And I bought a laptop Alienware 17 R3 to get the best posible realism and I see that you have a lot experience in Flightsim. The question: In which flight sim I will get the best realism?? FSX: SE, Prepar3D or X-plane. If is X-plane which version is the recommended? and if is the same buy via steam or directo by the webpage of X-plane? Thx

  3. X-Plane 10 or FSX. Opinions? Been playing FSX since 2009. I want to go back to flight simulator, so I am wondering which is the best move especially for the add-ons. Thanks guys

  4. Those cockpit overhead panel textures at 1:02 look so weird and strang they are the same ones you find in the jar A320! They make the add-on look so cheap and fake! Are they like that in the real plane?

  5. I need help ! When I take off I can't put the gears up … Someone can tell me WHY ??!! I mean I press the button key for out gears on but it doesn't works why ?

  6. Hey Squirrel, not sure if you'll get to answering my question, but was just wondering: when your landing, your autogen scenery and just scenery in general loads in very fast, is this due to having a better graphics card or is it something else? Because my settings in FSX are maxed out and i have FTX Global etc.. installed. But, when i get close to landing, the scenery loads in very slowly and pops in last second as im touching down. When i boot up the game from the first taxi to takeoff, it's perfect because it's already loaded in the scenery in and around the starting airport, but after that, it's all bad.

    any tips?

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