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Video is ready, Click Here to View × Tips, Tricks & Strategy. “Eat cells smaller than you and don’t get eaten by the bigger ones, as an MMO” My personal thoughts on how to play the game.

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33 Comments on Tips, Tricks & Strategy

  1. for all of you fucking noobs study a lil bit the fucking wiki stop sharing with ur teamates the mass with the FUCKING W ok? its not fucking efficient!!!!!!!!!!!! split so the other one can take the mass as whole with FUCKING W u give 13 points OF THE FUCKING 20!!! u reduce the mass!!! u dont help that way NOOBS, USE IT FOr SIGNAL not for sharing or atleast when u dont have to do anything else.

    ONLY THEN u get it noob? ok ok nice lets hope for it, wanna split in a efficient way to share something a lil bit more than ur mass? smash ur other half of ur blob on a fucking virus and let ur teammate feed on the remaining blobs to get bigger stop feeding other ppl with the fucking W its shit! and dont always eat ur teams 2n halfs, they need it 1) for BAIT
    2) to gain bigger vision! 3) to eject projectiles on viruses to another player from an angle!

    think when u teaming up with a random guy its friking fucking annoying seeing friking fucking retarted ppl like as ur self doin that! learn to play efficient the goddamned game

    u will even lvl up faster than usual u only need to get over 1k points and die and u will earn more exp than usual, just go to ur mate share the points swap then beetween u die and repeat!

    fuck u all


  2. A really concise, engaging and responsible tutorial. I love online quirky games like this but having a bit of help to understand what's going on is great. I don't understand what happens when some of the co-operating goes on and sharing mass with other players. That would be a really helpful video if you have the time.

  3. Just how the hell can you aim at the viruses accurately enough? And how the hell do you do it so fast? This game is beginning to become more frustrating than fun, which is a shame.

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