ADVANCED TIPS & TRICKS – SimCity BuildIt – Ep8

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Advanced Tips & Tricks for SimCity BuildIt on iOS, iPhone & Android. In this Lets Play Walkthrough Tutorial on SimCity BuildIt for iOS, iPhone & Android We look at Tips for a more efficient city. We look at Boosting Population, Increasing Happiness, Using Parks, Specialized Buildings, Upgrading Roads & More

Intermediate Tips:

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Beginner Tips:

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27 Comments on ADVANCED TIPS & TRICKS – SimCity BuildIt – Ep8

  1. Your property value is for low population housing. If you had increased the land value, you population would be higher. Also you need to work on getting keys to use to buy specialty buildings that will greatly increase your population. Also all your roads should be vertical with enough room in between for two buildings. To many side roads waste space. Im level 29 with a population of 630,000. It takes a lot of patience and build up your simolions and keys. Takes time but it's worth it.

  2. Wow you've changed your city by leaps and bounds! Before it was a bunch of sprawling residental zones with 65-70% happiness with services not convering properly with unnecessary commerical buildings. Great to see your progresssion.

  3. Sometimes I like looking at other ppls citys when I buy things in thing of noticed is some of there residents building are way bigger..mine are all maxed same as in video but there are bigger in other ppls..not talking about the exotic sky scrappers..any ideas how to get them that big?

  4. What determines which building will get built when upgrading. I have two fully upgrade buildings that look special and diff from the others. I see the land value and upgrade forecast view but the forecast always downgrades to medium level as I build. My city has 120k residents already. I tried flooding areas with parks and finally added a school and bus depot. What gives? I've had 100 percent happiness whole time and see smaller cities with these cool exotic looking buildings and mine are all the same. 

  5. You made a huge mistake this video, the Donut shop and Fashion store are the most profitable shops available right now.
    Donuts go for 950 and you can easily make them with a Flour bag + Spices which is easily available in the trade HQ. Sell 10 of them at once for 9500 and wait 24 hours for Daniel to clear them for you.
    Likewise, making Hats in the fashion store only needs 2 textile and 1 measuring tape for 600 simoleons. Great profit and easy to make, compared to furniture

  6. Well i was trying to find a nice layout and i like yours, but you still dont have any education buildings and stuff are you going to have it? because my citie is a huge confusion because of those "new" builds like education and stuff

  7. i'm level 15, population 110700, 100% , (still no transport bonus) try more parks, with 25% bonus treeline (always 2 next to each other like you showed). This way you have 50% bonus. To have an advantage, these parks should cover at least 5 buildings. 

  8. Have you figured out if maxed out buildings change to luxurious buildings when wealth is high? It seems like you first need wealth high then upgrade them to become luxury buildings before you max. All my buildings are maxed and I'm putting in a bunch of parks to increase wealth but I haven't seen anything increase to luxury.

  9. Nice video.. I see u learned some things in between videos… Great job. I see many ppl taking ur advice on medium sized hos,cops,fire placement.. Loads cheaper and great map coverage

  10. Can you do a review on you city? Show where your stuff is and things like that or maybe a tutorial and how to have a great city where you should keep your things please my city's a mess xD 

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