ADVANCED Tips and Tricks: Fallout Shelter Android, Fallout Shelter Gameplay

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Come find tips to get you started as well as a detailed walkthrough of tips and tricks for Fallout Shelter on Android, released August 13 2015.

I walkthrough:
– How to grow your shelter
– How to get the most out of sending your dwellers to the wasteland
– All room types
– How to deal with disaster (radroach etc)
– Max level of dwellers
– Easiest objectives
– Fallout shelter limits
– How to make dwellers dance
…and so much more!

►Just getting started? Check out my beginner tips:


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48 Comments on ADVANCED Tips and Tricks: Fallout Shelter Android, Fallout Shelter Gameplay

  1. Becky sweetheart I would love to see you do a video about the updated version where there's more outfits more unlockable weapons and clothing also characters and Best of all the PET system Please please please

  2. here's a tip for the pregnant women you said you could "do nothing about" You could have achieved that goal of having 15 women pregnant at the same time so long as you evict 15 lower people.

  3. u know what annoys me , girls like her have her boobs like that , like okay ur not gonna get anywhere with money and subs explain why she has only 21 thousand, no hate im just saying like please stop .

  4. Can you please, please, please tell me how to fight off deathclaws 🙁 they destroyed already 2 vaults. Vault 115 and vault 116, i am working on 117 now. I got the the point where everything just became easy. I'd get a crap ton of caps and resources, I would have like 100 dwellers, amazing guns and clothes but then I get 30 deathclaw attacks everyday and the vault gets destroyed.

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