aarch64 9.3.2 jailbreakme

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iCrackUriDevice is literally cancer. sorry for quality but idk why it’s so bad. stashing is disabled, that’s why cydia doesn’t prep filesystems.

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  1. If you all notice that iPhone doesn't have Touch ID. That means it's an old ass phone. Probably jail broken already on iOS 8 or older software. Ifile can make any phone "look" like its on the latest software and it looks legit. This video it's fake as fuck. If whoever made this video was really on iOS 9.3.2 jailbroken we would all be.

  2. Me ( most of us ) : this is fake
    Luca : nah nah, its real, didnt you see the prove, stupid
    Me ( most of us ) : well, then, give me the link first, then i will try it out if its real, pussy

  3. I notice a couple things, the link in the safari browser is your computer ip adress, And normally apple would've stopped cydia from installing but in your case it didn't, this must mean your iphone have developer mode enable, is that what stopping you from releasing this crack?

  4. If this gets released imagine what hackers could do with this exploit? They could install malware that runs as root on your iPhone and steal your data or brick your phone. That's the main reason why Apple doesn't want users to jailbreak their phones. Nice job finding a safari based exploit though. What happens if you run this on a different browser like chrome?

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