A phone you can bend around your wrist (CNET Update)

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Lenovo introduced its CPlus flexible-phone concept, which looks like a regular phone but can be bent to fit your wrist. That wasn’t the only device at Lenovo Tech World. Find out all the major things Lenovo showed off right here.

40 Comments on A phone you can bend around your wrist (CNET Update)

  1. the thing is everyone trusts big business to make their bendable phones possible when other less known companys on the market are far ahead and look better with their representation of what we expect a bendable phone to look like!

  2. I am all for advancements but not having a headphone jack is not advancement. I don't like Bluetooth headphone because that's just one more thing to charge every day, and with the other option you have to carry an adaptor around. And if there is one one port on the phone you can't listen to wired headphones and charge the phone at the same time.

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