A few Amazing Things the Internet allows us to do, for Free!

A few Amazing Things the Internet allows us to do, for Free!

Trust me, too often we have taken things for granted, especially air. Try holding your breath for a few seconds and you shall realize how badly your body craves for it. Just like food, shelter and clothes, the internet has also become an important aspect of our lives.

Also, learn to remain safe on the internet as you use it.

Besides creating thousands of jobs, the internet can be a great pal of yours when you have nothing to do. All thanks to this godly device that has managed to revolutionize humanity.

Listening to free music

Needless to say that we spend a great deal of time on the internet to listen to songs or watch movies. Moreover, you can set exactly the right tune to enjoy for specific moments, such as playing something classical on a particularly cloudy and windy morning accompanied by short abrupt rainfall.

Become a better reader

If you are a bookworm, always on the hunt for knowledge and occupy yourself fully submerged in a sea of alphabets, then the internet can also be an outstanding friend too. There are websites available such as Rednovels and ReadAnyBook that enable users to download e-books without any charge.

If you want to be a multi-linguist

Yes, it can also teach you a new language if you have plans to visit foreign lands. Language is the key to communicating, and the best means to do so online is by visiting Duolingo; and before you realize it, you shall truly become an expert.

Are you bored?

Well, boredom is something we humans easily become when we have absolutely nothing to do. So, next time you are bored, try the Bored Button. Trust me, you will slowly feel that horrible sensation leaving your mind slowly as you keep following the instructions that later appear sequentially.

Find out more about yourself

If you want to familiarize yourself more with yourself, that means trying to figure out your personality, the internet also allows you to do that. Check out 16 Personalities and get astounded by the level of accuracy this test has.

Become a guitarist

Yes, if you want to learn to play this 6 string instrument, the world wide web also allows you to do that. Just visit Tab and Play, and start shredding those strings of your electric guitar!

And lastly, there are literally millions of free online games available for you to enjoy. Just type free online games on Google and start playing.
Feel free to include anything I may have missed.

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