8 Simple Shaving Tricks

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We put together a list of 8 ways to make sure you give yourself a proper shave. It’s easier than you think…
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35 Comments on 8 Simple Shaving Tricks

  1. Hair conditioner was the greatest and cheapest discovery I came across. I used to buy the expensive gimmicky shaving foam and lotion, but once I found hair conditioner I never looked back. Super cheap and usually just as good as the shaving lotion. I go with the giant $5 Tresemme bottle of Moisture Rich, massage in skin for about 20-30 while in a hot shower, then shave. A giant bottle like that will last at least 4-6 months. That's about a $1 a month of product.

  2. for men who have large adam's apples if you have to shave around there try to swallow, but hold the swallow to keep your adam's apple down, it takes some practice, and if your razor is dull and you dont want to toss it just yet take your jeans and push the razor opposite how you would be shaving across the jeans a couple times, by doing this you are stropping the razor and improving the edge a little bit

  3. TIP: Always thoroughly dry off your razor with a towel after use. It will increase the blades lives by like 100x. You can honestly go for almost half a year without needing to replace a razor by doing this

  4. – use shaving soap (i recommend with sandlewood), shaving brush made from badger hair and knife (last thing optional)
    – if you cut yourself just clear it with water until it stops bleeding, then make a chunk of himalaya salt wet and seal it with it for faster and better healing. May bite a bit but hey – youre a man

  5. If you are using a electric shaver:

    1) Shave dry once as it will help you lessen the load
    2) Wet your face and apply a little gel (not cream), let it sit and then shave, it will give you a good shave…
    3) Use a single blade shave (manual) to get the hair strands you might have missed out.
    4) Apply a good face cleaning gel and wash your face
    5) Apply non alcohol based after shave to remove bacteria

    This will give you a good shave with less or no hair strands on your face….The first day you will look like Bond, Second day like Paul Walker and the Third day like a hippie and subsequently like Robinson Crusoe….

  6. This is obviously just a commercial for one of the countless noname multiblade cartridge razor ripoffs.

    If you really have sensitive skin, problems with razor bumps, and esp. if you're prone to ingrown hairs, use a DE (double-edge) razor (you can get a decent full metal one for only 4$) and a good blade (you can get excellent blades for about 8-10$ for a pack of 100 blades which will last you years of smooth highest quality shaving without expensive blade´replacements and without irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs).

    And, if you want to do yourself a favour, use a decent shaving soap or cream (like Speick) with a good synthetic shaving brush (cost you abou 8$).

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