8 DIY Smartphone Photography Tips

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Watch photographer Richard Schabetsberger demonstrate some creative smartphone photography tips & tricks in Salzburg, Austria using an OPPO N3!

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Richard Schabetsberger
Website: http://www.richard-schabetsberger.com
Facebook: https://www.fb.com/richard.schabetsberger
Instagram: https://instagram.com/richard_schabetsberger

Director: Matthew Rycroft
Models: Andrea Anderes
Cinematography & Editing: Andrea Anderes

On Android we used an app called “Little Planet”
For iOS there is a cool one called “Rollworld”

Stock music: http://bit.ly/1CH8wdB

47 Comments on 8 DIY Smartphone Photography Tips

  1. I'm not understanding #7. It appears as if someone else is taking a picture of you holding the phone with the funny picture in front of your face. How is that a selfie?

  2. That balloon trick is just insane. I bet not too long ago I dreamt about putting a camera to a balloon and today, I see such things are for real. Awesome!

  3. is it the normal camera app of OPPO N3? or any other camera app? how to use high key feature in other phones? sorry for many question hehe 🙂 thanks

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