7 Money Saving Tricks: Dairy Edition

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There are many ways to preserve dairy products… some might even surprise you. Check out these 7 tips and save yourself some money in the process.

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  2. A warning about milk:  When eventually allowing it to thaw, put the plastic container in something like a large saucepan (greater than the capacity of the milk).  Freezing milk in plastic containers can occasionally cause the container to split or pinhole.  This normally won't be apparent until after it starts returning to a liquid state.  Having it leak into a saucepan saves your milk, and saves a load of potential mess.

  3. The frozen yogurt bars (yo kid) will be a disaster. Condensation will form on the bar, ruining the paper bag and causing the lunch to drop onto the floor if the bag is picked up. Not to mention that other things in the bag might be damaged or ruined by the condensation.

  4. That was cool. Thank you for this video. I like stock up on things. Now I have a reason to save up for a deep freezer. I know we don't have much room left in the rest of the house. I have the master bedroom. I sure I can make room. Thank you for these tips.

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