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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review With 6 Reasons To Not Buy The Redmi Note 3. Video review by Rohit Khurana from Intellect Digest

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23 Comments on 6 Reasons To Not Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 3- Crisp Review | Intellect Digest

  1. reason no. 2 n 6 are not valid reasons

    reason 2 is not valid because phones which cost more than 20k have non removable battery and people also buy it
    reason no. 6 is not valid too because moto G 3rd gen., turbo, mi4i, le1s , 5x etc also don't record 4k.

    Bhai 13k Kai phone kya legaa ?

  2. Sir Is the legibility under direct sunlight really that bad?(because it appears so in the video). I plan on buying it but that is the only aspect that worries me.And even I am from Delhi so you know how bad the summers can be.Please advice

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