55+ Tips ,Ticks and hidden featuers of Xiaomi MIpad (MI PAD)

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55+ Tips ,Ticks and hidden ffeatuers of Xiaomi MIpad

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23 Comments on 55+ Tips ,Ticks and hidden featuers of Xiaomi MIpad (MI PAD)

  1. Bro which rom would you recommend I don't want any root access so should I stick with the default miui 6 or go for developer rom?? plz reply back.i want the the smoothest experience no bugs battery life.

  2. Hi Guys,
    Im planning to buy this device and give to my mom. She basically needs it for Microsoft word and excel and apps majorly. Also, i saw the gaming review so yes it can handle games well. This will be my first xiomi device.
    Question is does this come pre installed with google play store like we have in android devices or we need to jail-break or do something special to have a similar playstore exprience as we have on any smart android device.
    eg: Log into playstore directly and download skype and facebook easily.
    Thanks for help in advance. (Y)

  3. Hi good day! I'm having issues with my micro SD all file is randomly saving to my internal memory I already tried setting it to be saved on my external memory it will not I still have to movie the files manually, is there a fix for this issue? thank you in advance!

  4. hey will it ever taste a legit software update?? or will xiaomi forever do their stupid marketing stunt of not updating devices for the sake of their upcoming launches

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