50+ Tips & Tricks for the HTC One M9!

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50+ Tips & and Tricks for the HTC One M9!

HTC One M9 Drop Test, Water Test and Scratch Test! Hidden Features! We did 50+ Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge! Look out for our massive video on the Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs HTC One M9 vs LG G4 – Full Comparison!

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42 Comments on 50+ Tips & Tricks for the HTC One M9!

  1. hahaha do you call this Tips & Tricks ???!!! HELLOOO.. this is since nokia 6600 ahahha ,, come to Samsung s7 edge or Samsung s6 edge plus and see the real Tips & Tricks, honestly this HTC is so boring phone

  2. I have a question, in the recent tabs view when on the grid mode you have the option to remove all, but in the nicer looking. Card view it seems you have to do one at a time. Is there a way to change that? Thanks

  3. Have a question about the recent apps screen, when in Gris view you have the o0tion to delete all, but don't see it 8n the rolling card view, is there a way to change that? Thanks for any info.

  4. I just bought the Galaxy S6 edge, but I'm into customization and this phone looks awesome. I'm considering changing my phone So if anybody can tell me if the Htc m9 is worth the switch, let me know. Thanks 

  5. What a useless video. You might as well have shown us "How to turn the phone off using the Power button". This stuff is pretty basic, and most of the features are not specific to the M9.

  6. Is this a video where the tips are like "how to save battery by lowering brightness"? Can someone tell me? 'Cause that would be just pure stupid

    And useless

  7. I knew about some of these as they are not all HTC specific, but the tips videos are still cool to watch and always contain at least a few features I never knew.

    Are you guys going to do one for the s6/s6 edge? I have been watching all the videos on them I can to fill the time until AT&T sends me mine next week.

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