50+ Tips & Tricks for the All New HTC One (M8)!

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50+ Tips & Tricks for the All New HTC One (M8)!

These HTC M8 Tips and Tricks are pretty neat and can help you discover your device!

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The HTC One (M8) is packed full of new features. We created a list of over 50 tips and tricks to help you navigate some of the devices cool new features. Let us know which feature if your favorite in the comments below!

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48 Comments on 50+ Tips & Tricks for the All New HTC One (M8)!

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  2. right your suppose to ours the volume button 2 times. I hate reviewers that don't actually use the phone and have no clue how to operate them and make the phone look bad! and the guys who said this phone sucks your waiting on the m9, go ahead the m8 beats the M9 all day every day!

  3. I'm Getting This Phone Soon and That's Crazy 10% In A Hour. My Phone Now Would Drop Like 34% A Hour Doing What You Did! How Long Does It Take To Fully Charge?

  4. I can't do ANY freakin' thing with the phone. It might as well be a damn paper weight at this point. When I was trying to send an ECG to the hospital it didn't send it but I'm glad to know about the bigger setting bc ECG's on phones are small enough as it is and I didn't pay over $500 for my phone like Dr. T. His ought to give him massages for that price.

  5. i think you don't even need to unlock the phone to swip up, down, left or right…
    swiping it either way while the screen is off/locked, will still take you to the respective menus…

  6. when i walked into the shop, i knew that theres no phone better. best android phone i've ever bought. no phone compares and then there's the flipping battery life brilliant, 90% aluminum glossy finish housing, dual band and those two boom sound speakers. samsung is so much worse than this, heck it doesn't compare. well done htc, always made awesome phones :)

  7. To me this video screams more techdumb than techsmart and I've only watched 3 minutes.  All the gestures you can do to wake up the phone like swiping right and left you can do without pressing the power button first which is the whole point to them being a shortcut, to avoid pressing the power button and you completely missed that.  You also didn't mention the swipe down that brings up voice commands.  Also, like many have mentioned you're doing the camera shortcut wrong too.

  8. I kinda liked the swipe motions, but i see no way of disabling single ones?
    I hate the "Volume turns on camera" one, cause when i am sitting in the subway and try to adjust my mp3 volume i end up looking like a creep trying to photograph someone when it suddenly turns on the camera instead, cause i held the phone the wrong angle

  9. liked your tips, but I have a question I changed from the htc evo 4g to the htc m8 with the evo I was able to watch my videos on the tv that I had stored on my phone  . but with the m8 I am not sure how to do this it is not letting me view the video content on my phone can you help with this?

  10. You missed way to unlock you phone if you just swipe left to right while it's locked your phone will make a short buzz and unlock to the home screen unless you have a pass code.

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