50+ Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S7

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In this video we will cover over 50 tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S7. This is an amazing phone full of amazing tips, tricks, hidden features and more. So let’s dive in and master the Samsung Galaxy S7

10 Advanced Tips and Tricks for the S7: https://youtu.be/ME1ODBhN7EU

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29 Comments on 50+ Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S7

  1. so I just realized that if you dbl click for quick camera while you have security settings it will bypass security pin and thumb print, anyone can have access

  2. I wish samsung would add a security for the power button if incase the phone got stolen, the first thing the thief would do is use the power button and power off the device easily before you can even track it. great job on the video. thanks

  3. Listen to me please!!! My Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has been stolen today in Lahore. It is still powered off… I am unable to do anything. please let me know what should I do and how can I take it back. I am too worried about it. ??

  4. How do I add subject to text messages when I send them on Samsung Galaxy S 7?
    I had a galaxy S 3 that was talking back to me when I was setting the alarm clock ( what ever I was typing = example: Tina wake up) Can I do it with Samsung S 7 ?. Can I have the phone speaking the callers out laud when I get a call?

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