50+ Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S6

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In this video sakitech will cover over 50 tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

This is a phone full of rich features and I will show you every tip you need to know to master the Samsung Galaxy S6, whether you already own this device or want to get one.

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24 Comments on 50+ Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S6

  1. Whats the best phone for my mom?

    1.She hates iphones
    2.She want a good camera
    3.She wants at least 64GB in the phone
    4.She wants the phone to have sd card slots
    5.She would be happy if the phone have a removable battery or dual SIM
    6.She wants the phone to be big.
    7.She wants the phone to be android
    8.She wants the phone to be a good brand. (Like samsung or LG or something like that)

    Is it possible to find a phone like this?

  2. So I really want this phone for my next upgrade, but I think my mom is going to make me get the iPhone 6s (I have a 5s rn) and I don't want that. I keep telling her this one is cheaper than that and it does way more but she doesn't believe me. Ugh. (PS: everyone in my family has a galaxy except for my mom and I)

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