50+ Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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In this video sakitech will go over 50 tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

This is a phone full of rich features and I will show you every tip you need to know to master the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, whether you already own this device or want to get one.

Enjoy the tips and tricks, and leave a comment ­čÖé

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44 Comments on 50+ Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  1. why cant i change the bubble color (texting) only the background ? :/ i am using 6.0.1 galaxy s6 edge,
    and i dont have the unlock effect why?? PLEASE HELP :(´╗┐

  2. why does my battery go so much faster than yours and i just got mine today? i disabled everything and lowered the brightness but it still drops 1% every couple minutes´╗┐

  3. Ive alwayz been a Samsung Fan n kept up to date with its Smart phones n now ive got the latest samsung galaxy s6 edge plus n i tell you what i love it n i honestly cant wait till the s7´╗┐

  4. most unsafe feature of samsung as my new phone not safe for edge as the safety cover doesnt cover edge as chances are more to damage on sides i recommamnd people to dont buy s6edge´╗┐

  5. That was great! Thank you. Really a good video, just at my pace and convinces me to switch from my iPhone. I had not realized how much I don't have till now and everything I see on the edge is nice but sometimes it's in the details that make a huge difference when doing repetitive tasks daily.

    People always say iPhone are easier, but I dont' see how at all! Plus I didn't even know phones could do some of those things. I like to customize things and it wasn't difficult or confusing at all. Thanks again!!!!´╗┐

  6. Question, you have the tabbed menu for settings. How did you get this? Previous versions of the S phone I just went to settings, clicked the 3 dots in the right hand corner and selected view as > tabs. But Now I have the Edge+ with Sprint, and it doesn't seem to be there? If you know how to get that, please help! The list is painful! :P´╗┐

  7. Thank you SO much for this! I just ordered this phone and switching from the Note 3 so it's very nice to have a place to see the differences and settings. You rock!´╗┐

  8. Me and my dad just bought two s6's and an edge. I kept the edge. Might trade my mom later to see which ones better.
    Making the switch from my very first smart phone, an iPhone 5. It's still going strong, amazingly.
    Any tips on how to make the edge experience better. I don't really know much, been on the simpleton Apple train for a long time lol´╗┐

  9. Many thanks.I was able to change the message window to black background & light text on my Galaxy Note Edge just 2 months old , because it is a great help for my eyes…………..is there a way I can change the contact list to a black background also as the white glare just kills my eyes and on previous models of Galaxy Note I was able to apply this theme to suit my needs. Samsung Technical and my provider were hopeless.!!!!!!!!!!! thnak Goodness for people such as you…….you are our saviour, Regards, from Oz.´╗┐

  10. Hi, my s6 edge doesnt have the option for the capacitive button lighting duration. Do i need to change a setting first or something to enable to edit it? thanks.´╗┐

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