50+ Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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In this video we will cover over 50 tips, tricks and hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We will first cover all the EDGE tips and tricks and then move on to all the other goodies.

10 Advanced Tips and Tricks for S7:

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42 Comments on 50+ Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. for some reason when i use messages, viber or skype call i am unable to use facebook or anyother app coz my call will be hold for some reason… any one facing this type of problem plzzzneed help. i cant multitask with this problem any suggestions…

  2. I don't think thank you would be enough! I greatly appreciate for your thoughtfulness for taking a great amount of times out of your day to film and uploaded this extremely informative video. One of the best, two thumbs up.

  3. which is that clock widget with the weather. I use the one the phone brings but I like that one better. I go to widgets then weather then choose weather/clock but it's not like that one. please help thank you

  4. This is the best tips and tricks video I've seen. You explain everything you're doing in detail. I'm switching from iPhone to Samsung so I'm gonna need this when it arrives this week. Thank you!

  5. Can someone please tell me how to open a notification on the locked screen? I once just "long pressed" the notification and the app opened. Now…nothing! I don't want to unlock the screen and then go to the application I was notified of.

  6. This video is amazing it helped me so much as a new android user I've never had a galaxy and I got the galaxy s7 edge and now I know everything about thank you so much

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