50+ Tips and Tricks for HTC 10

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In today’s video saki will share over 50 tips and tricks for the HTC 10.

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28 Comments on 50+ Tips and Tricks for HTC 10

  1. Great, informative video!  Thank you.  I have htc 10 and love it.  One question, how can you change the notification sound to have a different sound for each type of notification?  One sound that a text message was sent, another sound that a text message was received, another sound for a Fox or CNN News update?

  2. Hi +sakitech. The one tip I watch this video for was not included. How can I customize the Quick Toggles?
    I've seen that on other devices running the same version of Android as the 10, you can press & hold the settings icon for 4 seconds and that takes you to a screen to customize what you would like on the Quick Toggles view. Unfortunately I can not get that to work on the HTC 10. Is it even possible on the HTC 10?

  3. hello saki, just wanted to ask before buying this device, can we still download htc gallery app, music app, fm radio app and htc camera app. please reply.

    right now i have htc one m8 google play edition and it does not support any of htc apps. dont why '??

  4. you know I have been around google since the G1, but as of late have been using an 6plus. I just bought the HTC 10 and watched this video. I have to say there were things I never knew about. great video!

  5. Thank you bro. you are the best when it comes to tricks and features in phones. knock screen to unlock and lock is a something most top phone should have. I know is coming from LG, and also the volume and home Barton is best at the back of the phone like LG. when u have it at the side, you sometimes touch it accidentally. anyway keep on with new tricks . thanks onlove

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