50 Nexus 6 Tips and Tricks

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Welcome to the Android Lollipop Powered Nexus 6. Here’s 50 tips for the device to get you on your way and start to master your device.

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This is my first compilation of Nexus 6 tips that will take you from the very start of your journey with Google’s Android flagship device, right through to some cool little tweaks you can make to improve the performance of the phone and tailor it to your preferences. In this video I cover five main topics

1. Handset Basics
2. Homescreen Basics
3. How to use and Manage Notifications
4. How to use the Stock Camera features
5. How to Improve Battery Life and Performance.

Each tip is designed to be clear and concise to tell you what each thing does and how to do it without the faff. And because of that I’ve crammed the whole thing into just 18 minutes.

Stay tuned for more tips ans this series grows….

27 Comments on 50 Nexus 6 Tips and Tricks

  1. I've had my Nexus for a while now. DUDE THIS IS NOT TIPS AMD TRICK?I was hoping for tricks for my phone. I got board in the video. NO OFFENSE IM SORRY! That was how I felt

  2. I'm afraid this is way too basic and the video has been badly named. This is a basic level tutorial of Android Lollipop. So problems are: –

    1) These tips are nothing to do with Nexus 6
    2) They are not tips and tricks and are basic functionalities

  3. nice video, is more of a first time android user video, most people want to use this phone as their first android experience…so for first time users is absolutely awesome! keep it up!

  4. Good Video, this is more like a video for people new in smartphones in general and not specific for Nexus 6, I mean… "press the power button to turn on your phone", thats not a trick!?, "press the back button to go back in screens….", "you can swipe left or right to see more applications in your home screen", come on!, Nexus 6 was your first smartphone?, anyways, Liked the edition o the video, but the 360 logo rotation is time waste… do not show it too many times in the video, bye bye!

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