5 Tips & Tricks you should know about for Android

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Here are my 5 Tips and Tricks you should know about on Android, especially on your Nexus Devices! Try them out even if we don’t have the same phone. (not available on all devices)

1. System UI Tuner 0:13
2. Developer Options 0:37
3. Clear Cache 3:42
4. Disable Apps 4:43
5. NFC 6:05

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24 Comments on 5 Tips & Tricks you should know about for Android

  1. I think, Nfc take some battery, maybe on newest devices its barely to notice but if its on, process of nfc must be standby to be prepare when u touch it with othet nfc. Thanks for few tips!

  2. My superuser is not getting uninstalled even after factory reset can u plz help me in uninstalling it I have although disabled it but I want to uninstall it so can you please help me

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