5 Reasons why you should buy HTC 10 over the S7 Edge!

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I’m telling you the reasons you should consider the HTC 10 over the S7 Edge!
Its also cheaper than the S7 Edge on Amazon! US – http://amzn.to/1TZTzsb
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37 Comments on 5 Reasons why you should buy HTC 10 over the S7 Edge!

  1. SMH I phone is not the best phone I keep seeing this comment on all phone videos and I'm goin to say the HTC10 And The Note 5 are the best phones out right now and one reason why I don't like the Galaxy s7 is cus the phone is kinda small for me and yeah I love the Note 5 so no need for me to upgrade to anything else and I got the gold Color the gold Color is a beast lol

  2. If you use your phone to listen to music, you forgot to mention how great the HTC sounds with wired headphones. Especially if they're on the higher-end. I have a pair of Martin Logan's. Not the best headphones in the world, but they're really good. I could not believe the transparency and resolution of sound. It's by far the best sound I've heard from any smartphone. I'm not sure what it is. If it's the quality of connection or what because I heard that the 24-bit sound feature was just a marketing ploy. Whatever it is, plug in a pair a headphones into this phone and listen to it. It's pretty shocking.

  3. But my experience my note 5 charge faster than HTC 10 throughout my usage. about 30mins my note 5 got from 0 to 47 and HTC just 44 but 1hour and 20 mins both fully charge.

  4. Get the S7 Edge if you want the best camera, if you like amoled screens, and want waterproofing. Get the HTC if you want the best phone experience possible with a decent camera, and best audio quality.

  5. I don't usually do this but I have to say HTC totally copied Samsung's design, and that automatically makes me doubt the quality of the whole device.

  6. if you get your HTC wet or brake the screen, you can get a new phone. If in one year you do not use the uh oh protection, you can cash it in for $100 towards your next purchase.

  7. u just mentioned 5 reasons , the fact is , most ppl buy emotionally rather than logically , n this is where samsung wins big time…majority will support the samsung brand not the htc…and from where iam , the htc 10 64gb is around usd100 more than the s7edge which is just ridiculous…another point is , most ppl i cann assure u do actually use some sort of casings and i dont actually think metal vs glass is a pull factor , it might interest u when u r checking the phone out in the showroom,but practically it really not that much different , most will put it in a rubber/hard case….i do get ur points though , but unless the price is alot lower , i just dont see the htc as a winner , it doesnt have the brand power to command that price regardless of the spec…..and most ppl who buy out by cash , will got the the samsung as the safer bet , im not saying the htc 10 is bad but it kinda feels dead- on- arrival product with its optimistic pricing , my opinions are based mostly as a phone dealer though!

  8. The s7 have quick charging 2.0 from samsung, but the htc 10 have quick charging 3.0 from Qualcomm that isn't the same quick charger, samsung do well even better than Qualcomm in term of changing. The way htc do better than samgsung is in term of USB version, 2.0 vs 3.0 or 3.1 for the htc 10…

  9. The front camera on the S7 is better than the 10. Aside from OIS, which you don't need that much in a front camera anyway, the S7's front camera handles exposure way better.

  10. Yes Samsung fan club get all misty eyed over water resistance yet put up with glass rear that breaks if you drop it a foot. Terrible design and drop tests show the s7 is a joke. I agree if you want to future proof your phone why not USB-C, a major error, bottled it as usual. I value sound over screen resolution and the s7 gets whacked by $100 smart phones. Updates on the HTC will be six months before the s7 with no bloatware like the s7. Over all, quality and looks wise the HTC is easily the better phone, and along with better value added features it would be hard to recommend the s7. Of course with Samsung's marketing clout and youth market following it will easily outsell the HTC, but IMO that would be a mistake.

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