5 Reasons To BUY the Moto X Play

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I’ve been using the Moto X Play for five days and I’m really impressed. Here are five of the highlights from the review that I’m currently working on. Make sure to subscribe, if you want to see my full review on the Moto X Play.

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38 Comments on 5 Reasons To BUY the Moto X Play

  1. Why is the US left with phones that are always a few years behind? This Moto is good, battery life and screen brightness are sound reasons. However, it is not as good as an LG G4, which here in the UK can cost less.

  2. Just bought this phone , everything is amazing on him, I really wanted the Nexus 6p but got this instead because it was more budget friendly, what a great decision

  3. Im at the end of my contract and im torn between Moto XPlay, S5 Neo or Huawei P8. Tbh all I do is text, call, surf n watch movies etc. Argghh…so stressful upgrading a phone!! Lol

  4. Not being an Apple fan . Had a Galaxy S as my first smart phone. Then I switched to a htc One , Now after the contract , I was allowed to upgrade my phone . So I pick the Moto X play because of screen size. I was hoping to get an htc with a bigger screen . It don't seems to be worth to get another htc if you already have the "htc one" .  Anyway here I am with my new MotoX Play . So far I m happy.  I d like to know if we can change how the app page is showing . The calendar seems annoying too. I d like to see the whole month as a grid  like a paper calendar. I try to download the htc calendar but it s not working lolllll.

  5. hey dude could you plz tell me which phone to buy from this three zenfone 2 , moto g3 & moto X play. I need good camera and I play games too. Thank you

  6. I am using Motorola X Play . Its been 24 hours I have been playing with this device . I was using Sony Xperia Z1 before this phone . I can say the user interface is not that catchy as compared to Xperia but the performance is incredible . Camera quality of both front & back are satisfactory but not upto the level of Sony Xperia Z1 . I must say it doesn't lack anywhere while using . I was expecting a nice photo/video gallery app in this phone & a nice music player like Sony Xperia provides but its provides only Google Play Music for it & I am looking for some effective music player like Sony Xperia .

    Conclusion – This device is good & satisfactory . I'll rate 3.5 / 5 .

  7. can u pls tell when compare to one plus one which is is better to use moto x play r one plus one i wont play heavy games i need gud quality camera lagging problem should not be there. pls tell immediately i want to buy the phn this week

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