5 Reasons to BUY the HTC 10

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I’ve been using the HTC 10 and I’m really impressed. Here are five of the highlights from the review that I’m currently working on. Make sure to subscribe, if you want to see my full review on the HTC 10.

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41 Comments on 5 Reasons to BUY the HTC 10

  1. Two things I wished to change on this phone: 1) the headphone jack is one the top. When you need to charge the phone and listen to the headphones at the same time, you have wires hang out from both ends of the phone. If you're on the go and using a portable battery to charge, the two wires come out of both ends would make it very difficult to fit in your pants pocket. 2) Comparing the display with the A9, the A9 screen is much better. The AMLOD display on the A9 shows the true color of white. I use night clock at night and the A9 show total darkness in the black area while the 10 lets backlight shine through. The display of the 10 is not bad at all by I can see big different when putting side by side with the A9.

  2. I brought the phone yesterday …but I can't install Google phone app to it …since I don't like the HTC dialer app ….even I try to install the apk app as well …it says can't install ….pls help

  3. Hi just wanted to know is there any difference Between the HTC 10 32gb & 64gb model ….example if I buy the 32,GB model is the performance lower than the 64gb model …or it just only the storage ????

  4. for me it would be
    1. design: while there are other gorgeous handsets out there, the 10 harkens back to the glory days of HTC
    2. sound: both internal and external the HTC 10 hits the mark for audiophiles on the go.
    3. storage: supporting androids adaptable storage means more space for the finer things in life
    4. cameras: admittedly not a strong suit for HTC in recent years, the 10 mostly hits the mark in terms of image quality.
    5.performance: the HTC 10 is exactly what to aim for when making a flagship device.

  5. Another huge reason: this phone support's adoptive storage. You can use your SD card as internal storage. In other words, Android's SD card problem is finally fixed.

  6. Really pissed that they took away the dual front facing speakers, they had that part right and one of the best in the industry and then they screwed with it instead of figuring out how to fit them and slim down the height of the device. If Motorola can put dual front facing speakers and keep the top and bottom bezel size tiny so why can't HTC, just lazy design IMO.
    Hope they have dual front facing speakers on the bigger Nexus phone they're working on but he rest of the phone basically the HTC 10

  7. 2 Reasons why I am not buying this..
    First, the phone is not yet available in my country, the Philippines.
    Second, still saving money for other matters and ofc saving money for a new phone.

  8. Its definitely looking like HTC has seen sense and made a phone that is a worthy contender to the S7 and G5. I'll definitely be watching your full review.
    Great work as always Matt.

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