5+ Reasons Not to buy Xiaomi Mi4

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5+ Reasons Not to buy Xiaomi Mi4

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#3# Ignore

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7 Comments on 5+ Reasons Not to buy Xiaomi Mi4

  1. dude i dnt understand y u criticising mi4…… i luv my mi4 after using it for an year !!! dis is an awesome phone buddy n i feel its way better than one plus one ……..n it has a grt battery !!

  2. Let me tell this straight. There are 2 types of heating issues.

    ( case 1) If your phone gets heated up other than network operations ( like phone calls, 2G and 3G). The heating problem can be controlled by installing certain apps like cpu frequency controlling apps etc.

    (case 2) If your phone gets heated up during a phone call. Its a hardware bug and no apps can save you. In other words there is no solution unless MIUI launches special updates (10mb or 15mb size) for that particular heating problem.

    Your mi4i phone is intended to WORK with version 6 and never update to 7. That will slow down your phone and drains battery faster. More over you cannot downgrade without special tools.

    These kind of heating problem may take place after 3 -4 months of phone usage. So there is no meaning to conclude like "My phone dont have heating problem". Over Heating problem can come tomorrow.

    Phone gets heated up because of hardware issues and not because of your apps updates. (for case 2)

    Heating issue during a call is due to high SAR radiation, not because of processor or updates. Dont use the phone until proper SAR limiting updates get released.

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