5 Reasons NOT TO BUY the Samsung Galaxy S7

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These are 5 reasons that might stop you from buying the new Samsung Galaxy S7.

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39 Comments on 5 Reasons NOT TO BUY the Samsung Galaxy S7

  1. they were saying a new anroid phone comes out so fast and also in a few months it gets slower and dies out. apple things are best quality nicer and last longer also realistically priced

  2. Your complaint about the battery is really stupid… So u use your phone heavily throughout the day, yet it still lasts nearly the entire day, yet youre still unsatisfied because you have unreal expectations and u stay up late apparently STILL playing with your phone heavily. Ridiculous

  3. "Naturally"… The video was pretty picky..About things that I'd say only a hand full of people would complain about. I had hoped higher for this video, Thought this video was going to be different, much different.

  4. If you have time to be a heavy user on your phone then you may want to think about getting a job or doing something with your life than sit around crying about USB type c and ir blasters. no matter what these company's do with there phones you newer generations will always be ungrateful and cry because your phone doesn't have the latest and greatest specs.

  5. This guy's is plain study a moron asssssholeee that know know how to provide useful information. Video is garbage…I have an IPhone and a note 5 so I'm not taking sides…..but what I hate about this videos is that he is and sound like a fucking dirty butt hole.

  6. People should really stop crying about TW. It works fine and has the most features of any OS. I personally like the look as well. Better looking than boring stock Android IMO.

  7. Whats a joke of a review! Get your facts right, be objective and give credit where it is due if you want to be taken seriously. "you're worried about your battery dying at 2 AM?!?! and you're a heavy user?" It's either you are delusional or that's a fantastic battery life for a phone. I'm not against Apple, but it sometimes honestly beats my imagination as to how these Apple Fanboys think.

  8. USB C ….. hahahahaaha Only geeks worry about it. The rest of the world enjoys using micro usb and nobody misses USB C that is hardly a standard at this point.
    Just look at the macbook, 1 port only and it's USB C . You will see people sitting with a slick and sexy macbook and ofcourse an Adaptor/dock to get something done …


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