5 Neat Tips to Charge Your iPhone Faster

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This video, I cover some cool tips and tricks to get your iphone’s battery to charge faster. Most people don’t know that simply plugging your phone into your computer isn’t the best way to charge it.

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34 Comments on 5 Neat Tips to Charge Your iPhone Faster

  1. Can someone please help me? heres the problem: I have perfect full internet, but when I go to App store,Youtube or some social media, it shows "cannot connect", why? pls help i cant live widout app storrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  2. The battery of your iphone will get damege im telling the truth its not even fake the adaptor of the iphone is 5 wats and the ipad adaptor is 10 wats if you use the ipad adaptor your battery of your iphone will get damage its real believe me

  3. the tip where you use the I pad charger doesn't work even though it's supposed to be charging twice as fast it also depletes twise as fast because it's not completely compatible with the iphone

  4. Airplane mode actually does help with charging but not for the reason he said. The cellular data and wifi uses your battery's I during the charging period the cellular data and wifi is taking drone the battery.

  5. The iPad charger would heat up the iPhone and may damage the battery further each time you use the iPad charger as the iPhone uses 1A 5V while the iPad uses 2.1A. Guys do not do this "life hack"

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