5 most plausible iPhone 8 rumors buzzing the internet right now!

5 most plausible iPhone 8 rumors buzzing the internet right now!

When the whole world is anticipating the release of the iPhone 8, a few die hard loyal customers are already spreading rumors about its design. While surfing the internet, these are the most plausible iPhone 8 rumors on the internet that literally made my jaw drop, sounds quite believable as well or maybe I am too gullible.


An enormous screen display

The latest iPhone 8 is likely to have an enormous screen having OLED display, according to the GSMArena. And Apple has already agreed to purchase 60 million OLED displays from Samsung. OLED displays are more efficient with the optimum level of brightness, color, and texture suitable for the eyesight.

The front screen will be all display

Rumors include having a full-screen display without any borders as per the Apple blogger and podcaster, John Gruber. This will surely make the latest iPhone 8 more appealing with one large display screen.



Aluminum frame and glass body

I came across a Japanese news portal called Nikkei, which stated Apple is going to get rid of its usual metal design and consider full glass body with an aluminum frame instead.
After reading this, it made me recall how aesthetic iPhone 4 and 4S look with glass back.

No Home button

There’s a high possibility for the iPhone 8 to having an optical sensor in its Touch ID button. The sensors have the ability to sense fingerprint through its display. Even John Gruber supported this possibility, saying the home button will remain covered underneath the glass panel with the touch bar of Macbook Pro.

Wireless charging capacity

That’s right; the iPhone 8 will no longer require any charging cable, as mentioned in a speech by the president of Sharp, Tai Jeng-Wu.

According to an Apple’s spokesperson who talked about Apple joining hands with Wireless Power Consortium, a company specializing in making wireless chargers. Even if it doesn’t really confirm iPhone 8 having wireless charging feature, it surely implies about Apple’s expansion into wireless power technology.



These are the 5 most plausible iPhone 8 rumors that surely raised my eyebrows. There are plenty of other rumors already; therefore, we can only wait to find out more till it actually comes out. Stay with TTN for further news about Apple Inc.

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