5 iOS Apps Better Than Stock!

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Apple’s iOS stock apps work just fine, but you may be in the market for some added functionality. We’ve got you covered with five great replacement apps.

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Slickwraps: http://bit.ly/1T9JKrs

-In this video-
Email – EasilyDo Mail: http://apple.co/1rPxEuG
Google Photos: http://apple.co/1rPxHGW
Google Calendar: http://apple.co/1rPxHGN
Word Flow: http://apple.co/1rPxMKy
Wunderlist: http://apple.co/1rPxQtY

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21 Comments on 5 iOS Apps Better Than Stock!

  1. Fantastical is my go-to calendar. It's a bit pricey but the widget in notification center is unbelievable. The usability is wonderful writing in "Lunch at Philippe's on Wednesday from 12-1" programs the whole thing for you. Alternatively it even recognizes repetition like "Yoga Class at (address) every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 2-4" is also programmed perfectly. Not sure if Google Calendar can do this but it is wonderful. It also integrates all my reminders from the stock app.

  2. gboard now replaces wordflow. so basically 3/5 apps are from google. Google services are just so good and I agree that they are better to the stock apple apps, although the apple apps are not bad by no means.

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