5 Cool Things to do with 3D Touch!

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3D Touch is the latest feature on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Here are 5 things you may not know you can do!


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40 Comments on 5 Cool Things to do with 3D Touch!

  1. I'm sorry but this is easily the stupidest thing I've seen

    What happened to Apple? When the first few iPhones came out people were tapping their fingers waiting for apples next incredible product.

    Like seriously the last iPhone to shake the world was the iPhone 4 and maybe the 5. Now Apple is turning into Samsung and now the iPhone 6 is just a fatter iPhone 5 with 3D Touch?

    It's literally making people lazier just open the fucking app!

  2. I found a cool trick from this 3d touch. If you wanna read the text from third party messenger (ex: line, bbm, whatsapp) without getting the status 'read' for the sender, just press the chat harder and boom! You can peek and read the chat without opening the chat. Lol. The feature everyone is dreaming of. It comes true.

  3. While I think 3D Touch is a cool feature I find that the Note 5's Air View to be better as it don't always run and kill the battery.  The keyboard thing where you can move the cursor around has been in android as a feature you can activate under language and input the only thing different about the Android feature and 3D Touch is that with 3D Touch you can select and copy text.  No matter though as with the Note 5 I can use my S-Pen and hold down the button on it and tap where I want to select text and slide till I get to where I want to stop and release the button and I get a small menu that allows me to Select All, Copy, Share, or Dictionary far better than what 3D Touch offers. 

    The Peek and Pop feature of 3D Touch is also available on the Note 5 through Air View this allows you to preview photos, folders in the file manager, text messages, and links to websites.  I can also get the same feature you get when you use the drawing app where if you press down harder you get a darker stroke and on top of that the Note 5's S-Pen sounds and feels like you're writing on paper. 

    While these are just my opinions on 3D Touch vs S-Pen and Air View both are great features to me though I will choose the Note 5 as being better as it fits my needs if you like the iPhone and 3D Touch that's cool I'm not hating on Apple or the iPhone as I think that the new iPhone 6s Plus is a great product and is worth buying if it fits your needs.  In the end what it comes down to is does the phone you use work for you if so then stick with that platform don't listen to the haters or fanboys as they're one sided snobs just instead enjoy what you use and don't let them get to you and if you like poke at them as I find that fun to irritate the fanboys and haters.

  4. I don't see how the preview feature has any advantage over just clicking it and then going back if you don't want to stay there. Looks to me like it just makes you have to click harder to open something.

  5. Very Useful video. Shows how 3D Touch completely enhance the user experience, but still only when you actually use it you can understand how much of a difference it makes. All other smartphone makers are trying to copy the technology like they always do but it's going to take them years to get it right.

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