5 Common mistakes to avoid before Naming an App

5 Common mistakes to avoid before Naming an App

I have discussed on various topics related to app designing and resourceful books that may help you in creating the best apps the world is yet to see. However, there are a number of issues one needs to consider while developing an application. Beware of these 5 common mistakes every coder needs to keep in their mind before naming their apps.

Being too vague

In this era of smartphones and technologies, there are innumerable apps constantly being designed and uploaded on the Play Store, which users have access to. Users will naturally download an app if it can function properly and subsequently rate your creation for boosting the number of downloads.

A catchy name for your app that aligns perfectly with its features is definitely going to be a plus point for you since users will remember the name along with its functionalities for recommending it to others.

Some of the best names are:

  • Evernote
  • Fitness and bodybuilding
  • GrubHub

Do not capitalize all the letters

Refrain from using all caps at all times, regardless the activity you’re trying to continue. Camel case is considered to be the most popular structure for naming an app that takes place when two words combine to formulate a different pronounciation.

Examples: FaceBook, SnapChat, WhatsApp etc.

This used to be a common practice, but not anymore.

Remember who your audience is

As an app maker, it’s a mandatory task to know everything about your target audience and how your app is going to solve a particular problem.

Choose an elaborate name that is related to your product. Use SensorTower for determining the searches made by your audience and also the right keywords being used by the apps with the highest rating.

Find a Trademark specialist

Before you decide to choose a name for your product, carry out an elaborate trademark search for the name you’ve chosen. As there are reasonable chances to violate trademark rights, hire a trademark screening specialist in order to prevent you from unknowingly violate anything.

The following features of an app can be trademarked:

App sound(s)

App logo

Tagline of an App

Color of an App



Not optimized effectively

The bundle display name, the name appearing right beneath an app, has a place for 11 characters; therefore, keep the number of characters within 11 or else the name shall appear fully.

Another field is the app-name field having the capacity to hold 255 characters from which only 25 appear in the search bar. Therefore, the majority of the description must be within these 25 characters for users who are seeking the right apps to download.

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Few well-renowned apps avoid using mini descriptors; however by using a few appropriate keywords will matter a great deal for your app to be found on the Play Store.
Lastly, remember that the most appropriate names are easy to pronounce and eventually assists in advertising through word of mouth.

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