5 Biggest Problems With Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

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By the way Samsung has officially disabled adoptable storage as seen in stock marshmallow, however they have decided to allow installed apps to be moved to the sdcard (not the same as adoptable storage but still very helpful).

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28 Comments on 5 Biggest Problems With Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

  1. They are not the best. they just look good. but experience wise, all comes down to stupid samsung mixed up android mixed up some stupid hardware issues plus software issues etc. I bought the edge and hate it so much

  2. Hi , i have a problem on my s7edge :'( there are screen glitches since i changed my wallpaper…..some purple smudges and blue color on my screen….. there are no physical damages… please help !

  3. I have a s7 and had bluetooth problems, I downloaded Samsung music player, and from play store, and now the Bluetooth works fine. I don't know how it works but it does.

  4. the used the 2.0 because they realize that a few things are better with 2.0. If you know anything about lithium ion batteries if you do fast charging and if you use the phone at the same time most people will do that you're going to greatly reduce your battery life heay is the enemy.

    you could look it up online how sensitive lithium ion batteries are to heat and they don't like being charged from zero.

    I guarantee you will notice if you have Qualcomm 3.0 devices the battery is only lasting a year not 2 years or how long the battery will hold a charge will be decreased significantly Qualcomm 2.0 is plenty fast enough it does heat your phone up but not as much as 3.0. Also I think people enjoy the fact that all Android devices have the 2.0 adapter much easier to find a cord that works. in the VR gear uses the 2.0 connector

    and you are so wrong about the fingerprint scanner my God most of the time when you have your phone it's usually face down on the table or what if you're using your phone in your car to unlock it. who the hell walks around with their phone with one hand all the time the average person mostly has the phone right in front of them on the table. so when your home hanging out in your house my phone is usually face down on the table I just put my fingerprint on it and opens right up I don't have to keep lifting the phone and using my finger on the back what a freaking annoying nightmare..

    you can easily Hold your phone in one hand and put your finger sideways on the fingerprint scanner you just have to set it up right with your fingerprints..

    do I hate the fingerprint scanner on the back horrible

  5. Tell me how to unlock the nexus 6p devices when it is laying flat on a desk. To get to the fingerprint scanner you have pick up the device. Better to have scanner on the front.

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