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  1. DroidModderX i own a htc one 16gb phone I have no complaints about this phone people like you just want to complain about stupid crap on phones when people like you should know it doesn't matter what size the mah battery is your have to charge your phone at the end of the day because they don't last very long or any phone and if people buys this htc a9 16gb phone then you can get an SD card for it. and the reason why people has to charge their phone frequently throughout the day is because they're hard on it with stuff like Instagram Twitter and Facebook the other social media

  2. All crap.
    1) Htc has been using this dual antenna design on the back since the launch of m7. Wayyyy before apple anounced iphone 6.
    2) Its available in 32gb variant for gamers expandable to 2 tb.
    3) Even with moderate usage the phone wud last through an entire day at d office without having to charge it. Thanks to the processor it houses.
    4) Front speakers dont enhance the design. As far as its usage is concerned, people use earplugs/headphones to listen to music and the audio quality is just awesome.
    Your personal preference does not count when giving a general feedback bout a product. Think before u post.

  3. I had an iPhone 5s and decided to go for the A9 – big mistake. My battery is MUCh worse than the iPhone with barely lasted into a second day. I've had this phone for nearly 3 weeks and have to recharge it fully each.. day. I never had this with Apple. Screen wise it is absolutely stunning and the video is great too. The 16Gb model is a big small for my liking so added a 128Gb microsd card for my music, video, photos etc.

    Would I recommend HTC Ay to anyone… not really, am I happy with the the phone.. not really so be warned be.. very sure you don't mind recharging every day. Once all the power has drained and the phone turns itself off a full charge will take a good 3 – 4 hrs, with the phone on a whopping 9 – 11 hrs for a full charge. The iPhone would charge even on standby in around 2- 4 hrs and would last and last…. sigh.

    Hope this helped someone.

  4. i held that phone as a secondary flagship and i have no issues but the battery .. otherwise it is an awesome phone that iphone can't even be compared with !!
    about the design .. my opinion htc just says to iphone users do not be fooled by the design we can do it anyway 😀 .. thanks for the review and nothing of what u said is a major issue for amid range android device ..

  5. just to clarify, I use this phone daily as my company phone. my personal phone is a note 5 that I love. however….. the A9 battery does give you a full day of life thanks to the efficiency of its processor paired with doze and other features in Android 6.0. I will agree the price is a little high. the screen on the phone for 1080P looks fantastic. so on to wireless charging…… the m7,8, or 9 did not have this…the nexus 6p does not have this, iPhones do not have this….what do these phones have in common? metal uni body construction. metal hinders magnetic induction which is what's needed for wireless charging. last but not least, all US versions of this phone come with 32gb plus SD capable of 2 terabytes. and how do you assume Noone will buy a SD card? how soon we forget the forum riots when Samsung dropped SD capabilities

  6. you have zero clue what you're talking about. The US model is 32GB's. wireless charging is slow as hell. quick charge 2.0 blow wireless away. the battery life is amazing because of marshmallow. get your facts straight.

  7. Design? Who cares if they stole it or Apple stole it, it looks good. Speakers aren't really important. I'm upgrading from an 8gb iPhone 4 so 16 gb is plenty, and expandable memory is available. The average consumer may not take advantage but I used a micro SD card back when I had a Samsung Propel so I will. Who gives a shit about wireless charging. The battery may not be as strong as other phones, but like I said I'm moving up from the iPhone 4 so anything is better. I do not believe the battery lasts only half a day. That is complete BS. I'm not going to be playing games from the moment I wake up. I hate iPhones I need to leave Apple. I've considered the Galaxy but I want the One A9.

  8. it has never been announced as a flagship device. the memory can be extended to 2TB no other device can do this right now. All extended memory can be partitioned as internal memory,hence you get bi far enough memory – and you get Android 6.0. I am very happy with my non flagship device as it performes like one in daily use. the battery lasts all day without any problem and it has an AMOLED screen which ist perfect!

  9. Criticism about lack of storage is pure BS for HTC A9 with internal SD card slot. It is valid for iphone 6S base model, with measly 16G storage. HTC A9 is expandable to 2TB of storage (when 2TB micro SD card comes out), and far superior to iphone 6S in this respect. You can add 200G SD card for total storage of 216 GB right now. What was that about lack of storage? Anyone who buys HTC A9 (or any android phone with expandable SD card) and then complain about lack of storage is just plain brain dead. Especially when micro SD card storage is so cheap and plentiful.

  10. Well while I am a bit upset over the none front Facing speakers (Because honestly HTC Could've done to the A9 what they did to the M9+). The front Facing speakers isn't only an HTC M8-M9 thing, the front facing speakers were the epitome of the HTC One Phone series but since I have yet to see the A9 in person yet I don't know how the sound quality is on the none front facing speaker (again HTC Could've done the same thing they did on the M9+). The Body is nothing of an issue since a lot of people know that the whole Android thing was started by HTC, they invented the Aluminum body and it was actually proven in court when Apple took HTC to court for copyright infringement and Apple lost a bunch of lawsuits they tried against HTC. Wireless Charging it's not a necessity but like the HTC One Max they added the possibility to wireless charging but never created the charger for it so I am kinda with you on the wireless charging, the battery I am fully with you because the HTC one Max has the best Battery , when I went over to verizon I had to get the HTC One M8 and the battery was horrible, we're talking about on the Max I could be on a 40 m,in train ride home on 15% and get home with 3% charge left while on the M8 15% came and went. If I can find someone to do a comparison of the HTC One Max and HTC One A9 I will be set.

  11. Hi. pls be serious. You are not using the right design for the A9. they dont have the antenna going from the crossline to the top and bottom. Apple stole this crossline design. You dont like the A9 without stereo speaker, but HTC. Apple, Nokia, Motorola, Huawei and Sony dont have this ether, so use it as an argument, is plain silly. Instead HTC one A9, now have hifi (24bit) output. Every user will buy a (or use an old) memory expansion card (Samsung and Apple dont have this). Wireless charging, not a valid argument, because not everybody like/wants/require this.. On battery i think you're right. But HTC promise quick charging 3.0. First device with marshmallow. I dont (yet) own this device.

  12. "the average consumer is probably not going to go and get a micro sd card" what ? In what world ? lmao why wouldn't you ? that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. they're on amazon 64 gigs for $20.

  13. so interesting. not one of the five problems in this video is a problem for me. I like the design, I have an external charger always, I like the price, front of back I don't need phone speakers which all such and I don't must care about camera quality on a phone. also marshmallow supports sd card. so I'm taking this cuz it looks like the best 5" phone

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