5 Best Racing Games 2016! (iPhone/Android)

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Hundreds of racing games are available on the Google Play Store, and more are added all the time, but finding great apps worth downloading can sometimes be a challenge. Here we want to highlight some of the better looking games that are fun, mostly free (some with in-app purchases) and are worth spending your money on, or waiting for big 1.5GB downloads to finish.

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  1. Nice video 。^‿^。
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  2. Oooo..the cartoon racing game, need to collect nitro on road, really annoying speed, it's 1st place?…hahaha..what a cartoonist are u?..rr3 is base on real track race, real track..how come?.. ur rank sucks dude..

  3. Trouble with Real Racing 3 and Asphalt 8 is they are incredibly incredibly incredibly greedy and they REALLY milk you for a LOT of money, Real Racing 3 is worst tough because I believe if you want to grind away at Asphalt 8 day in day out you don't need to spend real money?

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